For those long-standing, born and raised Albertans, we know 1 of 2 seasons all too well – winter…  More than once, each one of us has taken a spill on that freshly iced sidewalk, shovelled more than once in a day and all we wanted to do was pack a bag and get on that flight to California!

Well the time has come, the snow is no more and we are all ready to take full advantage of patio season.

Here are 5 items every Albertan needs to tackle patio season!

Barrel Patio Heater

Think ahead, forget the sweater at home – and stay warm when the sun goes down.

Lazy Susan

You know that moment when what you want is on the other side of the table… not with the lazy susan! Fill it up with your favourite snacks and spin it around to get what you really want! Don’t worry, it’s 100% food safe!

Dart Board

What’s a patio party without a game of darts?  But don’t worry – no beers will be harmed in this game. 


Forget the hassle of running inside to fill up that cup, the kegerator is a fully functioning tap system – not a beer drinker? No worries, fill it up with whatever you want!

Smoking Chips

Had enough of that fruit roll up smelling vapour cloud that always seems to be floating around? Yeah, same. So step up your game, grab a bag of wine barrel wood chips to smoke your favorite cocktails, meats, and vegetables.