You've heard them all, and we are here to shed some light on some of the biggest miss-conceptions about wine.

1. Wines are better if aged longer

Are you hoarding bottles of wine in your pantry for years on end? Most wine is meant to be drank within a year or two of being bottled. Vineyards go through the trouble of pre-aging wine in their barrels! Once bottled, it is meant to be enjoyed shortly after being purchased.

2. Expensive Wines are better than cheaper

When set out to differentiate between an expensive and cheap wine we bet most people are not able to - unless of course they have years of experience in wine tasting. A recent study conducted asked hundreds of people to identify the price range of multiple wines- as it turns out the participants were wrong so many times that it would have been more accurate to just flip a coin...

3. Serving Temperature - Red Wines should only be served at room temperature and whites - ice cold

It's sad really that most restaurants and dinner party hosts serve red wine at room temperature and white wines ice cold... 

  • Serving white wines ice cold can actually prevent the true taste of the wine to come through, hiding essential nuances and complexities within the wine.  On the other side of whites some are better served ice-cold, so go ahead - chill the $10 bottle but let the more expensive whites settle on the table for 20-30 minutes.  
  • Red wine on the other hand is a bit more complex and relies heavily upon how long it was aged for and the texture of the wine. Most reds could do with being chilled in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.

4. The more defined the punt the better the wine

  • The punt - sometimes called the dimples of the bottle signify how good a wine is.... false! The deeper the punt the more money spent on the bottle, when this money could have been used better the wine off in the first place! So pay attention to what the label tells you, not the bottle it's on. 

5. When it comes to bottles, size matters

  • Another myth concerned with the bottle itself, and once again it has no effect on the wines flavour.  The tall tale started back many decades ago when the French and Italians big, bold bottles to add emphasis on the significance of the wines complexities. Now-a-days it's nothing more then a marketing ploy to attract consumers. 

6. Screw caps are inferior to cork

  • Screw tops have been used for decades, yet many wine drinkers classify the wine inferior to the corked counter part.  In reality screw tops have proven to perform better then corks - keeping the wine fresh longer and running no risk of the wine becoming corked. T

7. Wine won't give you a hangover

  • Sorry, but we're going to end this one on a low note... turns out that the only way of not getting the next day headache is to drink in moderation. Many wine enthusiasts like to believe that the lower the sulphites count in a wine means a more diminished hangover the next morning.  Sorry to say but, low sulphite wines won't be helping your day after battles, in reality the lower the alcohol content the less dehydration the next day.