Some companies start in an office, some start in a coffee shop, and some start in a garage. This one started in a garage.

Late nights after school is when most of the work got done. We would come home from class, turn on the heat in the garage, and start building product to fill orders from the last trade show we had attended.

When we ran out of barrels, we would have to convince our parents to let us borrow the trailer, then cold-call up to 25 wineries just to find a wine maker willing to sell us the barrels.

We worked like this until we graduated university; at that point we went full time and moved into a small bay where we could store product and ship orders. Barrels were delivered to different garages around town and being worked on by local tradesman before coming back to us for shipping.

Today we now operate out of an 8,300 square foot facility where we continue to make every product by hand, in house, with real barrels, and local labor.

Burgundy Oak products are unique because each one tells the story of the cooper who worked the wood to assemble the barrel, The Wine Maker who meticulously trimmed and maintained the vines, and the local Calgarian that hand made every product.


Our mission is to share the stories of these people through our products and the conversations they evoke. So please, come in and let us tell you a story!


Zac Hartley