So, you're looking to tastefully decorate or upgrade your room and achieve the rustic farmhouse-style craze that people are extremely enthusiastic about. A fantastic way to accomplish this is by using Wine (oak) Barrels to bring a distinct and refined look to any room! Oak barrels allow you to get creative with reclaimed or salvaged wood, as well as bring in a piece of history to your very home as each barrel has it's own remarkable story. Although oak barrels are traditionally used for alcoholic beverages, such as whisky or wine - and go through a long process of charring the barrel, fermenting the alcohol, and storing it to allow the flavours to blend - many people have found a bona fide way to incorporate these bucolic barrels into their home. 

10 ways to Decorate with Repurposed Wine or Whisky Barrels 


1. Wine Barrel Table

Simple, elegant, and eye catching. Using a refurbished Wine Barrel makes the perfect touch for any indoor or outdoor corner piece. Pictured here is our Bar Table and Bar Stool (the stool is made from wine barrel staves!) 

2. Wine Barrel Cross Rack / Wine Shelf

Copy of 3 Stack Cross Racks(2) (1).jpg

Our Cross Section Wine Rack is used for storing wine, or any of your favourite bottles! 

3. Half Barrel Coffee Table

The Half Barrel Table makes a great addition to any living space and achieves the rustic look all while bringing functionality.

4. Adirondack Barrel Stave Patio Chair

Wine Barrel Chair

Our beautiful Adirondack chair is currently in the process of being cataloged and crafted! This chair is made from 100% Red Wine Barrel staves and is as comfy as ever! A perfect patio or chair to lounge out on after a long day.

5. Wine Barrel Head Lazy Susan

Wine Barrel Lazy Susan

A Barrel Head Lazy Susan makes a great addition to the kitchen table or counter top! It also includes the original cooperage and stamps so you can see exactly where your barrel came from, the wine that was in it, and even the charring of the barrel! 

6. Wine Barrel Liquor Cabinet

Wine Barrel Liquor Cabinet

Our ever popular Wine Barrel Liquor Cabinet gives you plenty of space to store your favourite bottles of wine, rum, or whatever your choice of liquor may be! The doors close and latch as well. 

7. Barrel Stave Candle Holder

The 5 Candle Holder is made from a Red Wine Barrel Stave! Beautiful, and authentic. 

8. Barrel Head Wall Clock

Barrel Head Clock

A gorgeous piece made from the top of a Wine Barrel Head! This gorgeous piece fits perfectly in any room and is a talking piece to say the least. Check it out!

9. Wine Barrel Kegerator

Wine Barrel Keg

The legendary Barrel Kegerator is an awesome addition for the bar, kitchen, patio, basement, anywhere really! 

10. Barrel Stave Wall

Barrel Stave Wall

Contact us for quotes on a custom wall! We supply all the product, you do the installation! 

That wraps up this weeks blog post from Burgundy Oak! We hope you found some inspiration through some of our lovely products to make your own beautiful DIY project or have us supply an authentic product for you! Check in next week to get an in-depth look on our design process! 

Thanks for reading!