Photo: Roger Davies

Photo: Roger Davies

Section 2 of Farmhouse Interior Design & Styling: 

Designing and Replicating the Classical Farmhouse Style Kitchen.

The kitchen is the most important room in any house. It's the hub of family activity and is likely the place where your day starts by grabbing a bite to eat or a nice cup of coffee. The kitchen not only ties the room together, but also ties the family together. A room that is the pinnacle of the entire house is surely to be designed in a way that is both inviting and cozy; while still maintaining a level of sophistication and class. Cue the Farmhouse Style. If you aren't familiar with it, be sure to read our blog to get an understanding exactly what makes this unique blend of aesthetics so astute.

Designing your Farmhouse & Country home Kitchen:

Fresh Flowers

Farm House Kitchen

A great way to bring in some colour and fragrance to your design is to incorporate some fresh seasonal wild flowers! Cheap, and easy to pick - they make an absolute great addition to the kitchen and really bring a touch of life to your home. 



Lighting in a kitchen is what gives the entire room atmosphere. Choosing the right light for your classic country house style is a fundamental step to duplicating the look. Checkout our prototype Wine Barrel Ring Lamps! These beauty's will be available shortly on our online shop

Butcher block on countertop


'Lo and behold - the butcher block! Explore this option in lieu of granite countertops. The butcherblock is both functional, beautiful, and easy to clean! Chop meats, veggies, and any other food right on your counter top. No more hand washing cutting boards! 



Again with adding functionality to looks - hanging a pot rack and displaying your pots & pans above the island or stove is a fantastic way to replicate this farm house style and design. It's also incredibly convenient to simply reach up and hang or grab a pot when needed! 



Reclaimed wood backdrops, countertops, oven hoods, shelving, flooring, siding, ANYWHERE! is the easiest and cheapest way to replicate the farmhouse kitchen of your dreams. Luckily reclaimed wood is in abundance and it is not hard to find. Why not checkout our commercial line of Wine Barrel Stave & Feature Walls to give your kitchen an edge on all the others. 

Antique or rustic clock

barrel head clock 4.JPG

Adding a center piece clock ties the room together in a very elegant and sophisticated way. Our Barrel Head Clock is a fantastic addition to any farm house kitchen and is the ideal centerpiece! 


Copy of Bar Table w%2F Stool(2).jpg

Adding a barstool to your kitchen islands are another fantastic way to nail this look. Check out  our Burgundy Oak Bar Stools

That concludes this weeks blog on the farmhouse style kitchen design tips & replication. We hope you were able to draw inspiration for your very own kitchen with our simple and classic imagery. Subscribe to learn about next week's blog!