How to: Interior Design with Wine Barrels

by Tyler Palacsko September 26, 2018

Designing your home with Wine or Whiskey Barrels is a fantastic way to spice up any room with an authentic country & farmhouse rustic style that is both appealing, and comforting. Wine barrels make a great addition to your living space by bringing in warm and natural colors to make your room more inviting and welcoming to guests and strangers alike. Luckily, here at Burgundy Oak - we specialize in this exact rustic interior style and have a large selection of products for you to choose from that are sure to bring any room in your house to life! 

Living Room

In most Canadian and US households, the two most commonly used areas in the house are 1) The living room. and 2) The Kitchen. Both of these areas of the house are high traffic, largely lived in spaces, and require the most attention to detail when choosing your interior design! Today, we will cover the Living Room. The living room should be both inviting, but not overdone when using the farmhouse rustic design style. Provided is 3 short examples that you can hopefully draw some inspiration from when you begin to decorate your home.

Coffee Table

Our Barrel Coffee Table is a fantastic centerpiece for any living room. Use the interior of it to store used wine corks, fill it with an object of your choice, or let the natural emptiness display it's beauty. This piece makes an ideal coffee table and it is sure to bring a wow factor into your living space! Another idea which is also able to be customized to your liking is our 

Barrel Side Table

Wine Barrel Furniture

This side table is another fantastic addition to the living room. It is made from a Red Wine Barrel and you can also get a custom CO2 Laser Engraving done on the top of the barrel head (wow!). Burgundy Oak has over 40+ Wine Barrel products for you to choose from - all of which are 100% handcrafted in Canada. However, if you are looking for a more natural and reclaimed look - check out how to design with raw natural Wine Barrels.

Raw Red Wine Barrels

Wine Barrel Decoration Burgundy Oak

The beautiful thing about using raw red wine barrels is that it keeps true to the "natural" and less refined look. Hopefully you were able to draw some inspiration on possible ideas from our 3 short and sweet examples. Next week we will discuss how to incorporate wine barrels into your kitchen living space!

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Tyler Palacsko
Tyler Palacsko