Understanding the Farmhouse Interior Design Craze

by Tyler Palacsko August 31, 2018


Inviting, homely, and charming are a few words to summarize the timeless attractiveness of the Farmhouse Style. With a growing attraction to the country living style, a price range that doesn't break the bank, and popular TV shows adopting the trendy designing technique - it's clear to see why this distinct country style took off! 


For many, it is a feeling of home and relaxation. The appeal to farmhouse style is it's simplicity and coziness. It makes you want to sip a glass of wine or scotch, kick back and enjoy life; while still maintaining a lulling level of beauty and elegance. Most of the decor and furniture in Farmhouse or Country House Design consists of reclaimed or repurposed materials, antiques, and rustic items that are not too fragile to be mixed in with other restrained elements. While both the Classic Country House & Farmhouse Designs heavily rely on accessories for aesthetics, it is not to be over cluttered as to maintain it's regard for class and sophistication. While this design style tends to use items that some may consider distasteful (Tattered and reclaimed boards, wrought iron rings, and scratched or bruised furniture), it is in fact the opposite and makes for a very appealing design when done correctly and with the right products


  • Antiques 
  • Salvaged Items from Thrift Shops or Second Hand stores
  • Reclaimed Wood or Boards
  • Repurposed Art
  • Repurposed or Reclaimed decor
  • Repurposed or Reclaimed furniture
  • Rustic Table Pieces & Kitchenware
  • Barn like details
  • Vintage Art 


Luckily, these styles are some of the easiest to replicate, as well as some of the least expensive! If you chose to go the route of using antiques, ensure that nothing is too fragile or delicate to the eye. You want big, bold, pieces that stand out and invite you to stare. Why not dive head first and start by picking your color palette. A good starting point is to pick warm, neutral color.

Colors that compliment

  • Beige, Burnt Umber, Silver Grey, Cream, or a Chestnut have been known to subtly highlight the inner workings of this beautiful aesthetic. When choosing your colors, be sure that they are not too vibrant as it may distract and take away from the simplicity of the Farmhouse style. 

Mix depth and texture 

  • Through your design choices, ensure to incorporate many blends of textures - such as reclaimed wood, scrap metals, and fabrics such as linen, cloth, wool, yarn, and chenille. Be careful to keep the colors of these depth pieces neutral, as to only compliment the classic countryside and farmhouse design.

Fancy the lighting!

  • Get creative with your lighting and fixtures! Add some unique metals or fixtures that replicate the barn in a bucolic fashion. A general rule of thumb is to limit the pieces of metal to 3-5 per room.  Candle lighting is also a must. If you want your home to keep the level of coziness, it is imperative you find some nice candles! 

Furniture and Decor

The most important step to any interior design is the furniture and decor! With the wrong pieces, your Farm house or Country home design can be in shambles. As a homeowner, you want the furniture to be comfortable, match the aesthetic, and be reasonably priced! When choosing furniture, it also has to be welcoming and inviting guests to sit down on it's large plush cushions. Here are some tips and tricks to finding the perfect piece to match your style.
  1. Ensure the piece of decor and furniture you choose match the Farm house or classic Country house style. Some things to check off are: It's look - find a piece that is restored or vintage with materials made of wood or metal, and blends well with the style. 
  2. Wear and tear compliments! When choosing your decor and furniture, knots in wood, small tears or cracks, knacks, or minor stains all add to the aesthetic and beautifully compliment the overall design of the home.


Thank you for reading our Farmhouse Interior Design Style Guide & Explanation. We hope we were able to help you learn something!

Tyler Palacsko
Tyler Palacsko