Wine Barrel - Dual Glass Display - Wine Bottle & Glass Holder - Burgundy Oak

Dual Glass Display

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Looking for that perfect wine display?

This beautiful bottle holder has room for 2 glasses (not included), that comfortably rest on either side. Handcrafted from a red wine oak barrel stave, this beautiful piece is perfect for any tabletop or countertop. It looks absolutely ravishing in any setting. 

Here's your chance to bring home a piece of Wine Country! 

Note that these displays have particularly stunning and distinctive grain markings. In fact, these displays bare the stain of the red wine that the barrel once housed.

winebarrel Beautifully Centrepiece.
oakbarrel Sustainably sourced from White Oak.
winebarrel Makes a Fantastic Gift
winebarrel L: 12" W: 3" H: 2"  (+/- .5")

We love the patterns and grains in these pieces, any unusual markings or imperfections simply add to their beauty and uniqueness. 

Image result for maple leaf icon png Made in Calgary, Alberta, Canada Image result for maple leaf icon png


Each of our beautiful Wine Barrel pieces are handcrafted in Calgary, Alberta.
The red stain pictured is in fact Red Wine that is left over from the barrel that this handcrafted piece originated from. Most of our barrels come from the Napa Valley, and from vineyards across the world. Included with each Wine Barrel product is our "Certificate of Authenticity" which allows you to register your product and learn about it's origins!

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