Wine Barrel - Gravity Display - Wine Bottle Holder - Burgundy Oak

Gravity Display

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Tactile hand-built oak barrel wine bottle holder. Capable of finely balancing a full bottle of wine by shifting the bottles centre of gravity to the point of equilibrium. Strong, durable, simple beauty to be enjoyed and loved! These gravity displays make an excellent piece to put on your countertop or table.

-Perfect for gifts
-Made from an authentic Red Wine Barrel Stave
-Handcrafted in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 
- Dimensions (approx. varies few inch per piece): L: 10 ½ inches. W: 2 inches.

These beautiful staves come right from a red wine barrel. The burgundy stain on the backside is the stain leftover from the red wine once housed in the barrel.  

made in canada

Each of our beautiful Wine Barrel pieces are handcrafted in Calgary, Alberta.
The red stain pictured is in fact Red Wine that is left over from the barrel that this handcrafted piece originated from. Most of our barrels come from the Napa Valley, and from vineyards across the world. Included with each Wine Barrel product is our "Certificate of Authenticity" which allows you to register your product and learn about it's origins!

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