Where the Company Started


Burgundy Oak founder Joel Jelinski began hand-making wine barrel products at the early age of 12yrs for craft fairs with his mother. After gaining lots of attention and great customer feedback he started to expand the product line and entered into many more craft shows. The modern day Burgundy Oak started in 2014 after Joel finished his engineering degree and circled back to his passion for creating. Incorporation of the business was in 2015. 

How The Partnership Was Formed

In late September 2015, another young entrepreneur was in the making. Zac Hartley was building a brand called Smoke Barrel, which takes aged wine barrels and converts them into top of the line smokers. At this point, Joel caught wind of Zac also wanting to purchase wine barrels to use them in creating one-of-a-kind products. A few coffees and a shareholders agreement later, the duo joined forces and started making their mark on local pitch competitions. Using grants and competition winnings the two started buying barrels in larger quantities and creating a much more extensive product line. 

The Barrels & Design

All of the barrels Burgundy Oak purchases, are sourced from the Okanagan and Napa Valley and are as authentic as they come. Typically, each barrel spends 3-5 years with their vineyard. After that, there isn't as much oak that can bleed into the wine.  Zac & Joel have been responsible for the process of breaking down and building our unique products. All of the design work and prototypes were build by the founders. 

Progress and Vision

Currently, Burgundy Oak has over 450 retailers and continues to grow exponentially. The Team has grown to include Nick White (CBDO) and Torin Hofmann (CMO). Along with a killer shipping & receiving, warehouse, delivery and customer service team, Burgundy Oak plans to attack the US market and bring these amazing products all over North America. If you are interested in watching the growth of this company check out our Youtube Channel.