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  • The Barrels

    wine or whiskey, they all come from craft

our selection

Barrels are the most important aspect of Burgundy Oak. Without a solid foundation to build our products upon, our company simply would not be successful. That is why we use some of the most prestigious cooperages to supply the finest barrels for our repurposed products.

Barrels come in all shapes and sizes. It's important to know exactly what to look for when we purchase our Oak Barrels. Understanding the barrel anatomy and exactly what a barrel consists of is a fundamental step to being able to select our quality barrels.

  • The different parts of a barrel all serve different purposes; but they all beautifully synchronize to achieve the same common goal - sealing the contents inside.

  • Cooperages

    The Coopers that supply our barrels have been in the barrel making business for decades. Their expert craftsmanship in creating oak barrels from scratch is a tradition that ages back to circa 300 B.C. 

Barrel Markings

Oak Barrels are responsible for giving both wine and whisky their unique and distinct flavour profiles. Depending on the different qualities of the barrel, each barrel can yield different results in it's flavouring based on the material used, aging process, firing process, and charring process. In the first part of this video, you will learn the markings typical of a barrel head.