• The Team

Who got us here

The reason we are here today is due to the outstanding group of individuals who call Burgundy Oak theirs. The Company may have original founders, but if not for the dedication from everyone, we would not be here today. The culture we share has created a work environment we all enjoy coming to day after day. We all share a common goal to create something bigger than ourselves, and we plan to do just that. 

- The Burgundy Oak Team

Joel Jelinski - CEO

The founder and CEO of Burgundy Oak Group Ltd. Joel is a dedicated resource, who is committed to his company and team. Having kindled his entrepreneurial spirit from the young age of 12, Joel has precisely contrived his business skills and translates them into his company on a daily basis. Joel is a resourceful and brilliant thinker who ensures Burgundy Oak and it's employees are always on track.

Zac Hartley - COO

The co-founder and COO of Burgundy Oak Group Ltd. Zac is an intelligent and driven founder that started his own venture in crafting Wine Barrels in 2015 under the company of "Smoke Barrel Inc." Zac is an incredibly talented and methodical thinker who is always putting others before him. Zac is also the mastermind of our fabrication's inventive and ingenious jigs that maximize efficiency and cut costs.

Nick White - CBDO

Nick White is a shareholder and partner in Burgundy Oak Group Ltd. Nick brings an unparalleled level of knowledge and expertise through his vast compendium of resources. An accomplished and refined leader, Nick was the youngest member to ever attend the annual Wal-Mart Shareholder's meeting. No feat is too big for Nicks unsurpassed critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Torin Hofmann - CMO

Torin is a shareholder and partner in Burgundy Oak Group Ltd. Torin is a prominent factor in our company's successful brand and vast reach by implementing his finessed and innovative strategies. Torin is a creative and articulated thinker as well as the mastermind behind our brand and digital presence. 

Carson Bender - CFO

Ty Pallier - VP of Account Management

Austin Still - Operations Manager

Dyllon Compton - Production Manager

Cory Saavedra - Sr. Craftsman

Shayne Reaume - Sr. Craftsman