Balance Display

Go with the grain. Functional and beautiful large White Oak Wine Glass Holder & Display, these tabletop pieces can be used either as wineglass & bottle storage or for serving. Strong, durable, light in colour and smooth to the touch. Made from a red wine barrel stave - this piece bears a stain of red wine leftover from the barrel it once came from.

-Perfect for gifts 
-Made from an authentic Red Wine Barrel Stave
-Handcrafted in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
-Dimensions (approx. varies few inch per piece): L: 26 ½ inches. W: 2 inches.

Each display is made of native White Oak wood from sustainable sources and has individual markings, making each piece unique as there are no exact replicas. 

Each of our beautiful Wine Barrel pieces are handcrafted in Calgary, Alberta.
The red stain pictured is in fact Red Wine that is left over from the barrel that this handcrafted piece originated from. Most of our barrels come from the Napa Valley, and from vineyards across the world. Included with each Wine Barrel product is our "Certificate of Authenticity" which allows you to register your product and learn about it's origins!

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