Jack Daniel's Barrel Head Engraving - Burgundy Oak

Jack Daniel's Barrel Head Engraving

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Jack would say "Everyday We Make it, We'll Make it the Best We Can" and we couldn't agree more.
Jack Daniels Side table
We've taken an authentic Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Barrel, strait from Lynchburg, Tenn. and engraved a Barrel Head. After the natural white oak is sourced from the USA, it spends 5-25 years in Lynchburg housing the famous Number 7 recipe. Once bottled, JD has no use for this barrel and this is where we step in. 

Here's your chance to bring home a piece of history! Your home will thank you for it!

Note that these barrel heads have particularly stunning and distinctive grain markings. In fact, these barrels bare the original stain of the whiskey that the barrel once housed.

winebarrel Beautifully Unique. 
oakbarrel Sustainably sourced from White Oak.
winebarrel Treated with linseed.
winebarrel W: 24" L: 24" H: 4"  (+/- 2")

We love the patterns and grains in these pieces, any unusual markings or imperfections simply add to their beauty and uniqueness. 

Image result for maple leaf icon png Made in Calgary, Alberta, Canada Image result for maple leaf icon png


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