Every barrel is unique in its history, look, smell and character. We know our customers appreciate the authenticity of they're one-of-a-kind talking piece. Once you purchase a product from us you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity. Enter your information into the following fields and we will add you to our database. You will also receive and email telling you more about your unique piece. Don't fret, we will never share any of your private information.

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Learn about your BArrel

1. This is your barrels cooperage mark. This specific stamp shows that the barrel is made of french oak and thus is originally from France. Our barrels are split between French and American Oak. 

2. These letters describe how the barrel was burnt before the casking process. Barrels are toasted on a degree of: Light, Medium, Medium Dark, Dark and Toasted Heads. This specific barrel was toasted in 2007. 

3. This is the winery's stamp. Where the barrel spent its time casking and aging wine. 

4. This is the certification from the cooperage that it is authentically french oak. Note that not all barrel have this certification. 


Want to know what Cooperages we get our barrels from?